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AmeCon 2016 Details Announced

Date: 2015 April 12 14:41

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UK anime fans looking for a summer convention in 2016 will be pleased to hear that AmeCon have just announced that they will be running on Friday 29th to Sunday 31st July 2016. This time around they'll be at the Warwick Arts Centre. The last anime convention at this venue was Ayacon in 2013. It proved to be a popular venue, and it's the logical choice for AmeCon to take the baton from AyaCon.

The details of AmeCon 2016 were announced at the closing ceremony for AmeChibi. We spent the weekend enjoying the relaxing convention.

Interestingly we've been told current plans for AmeCon 2016 is that it will have an 1,000 people capacity. UK conventions generally can go up to 1,500 attendees. As any larger you start getting issues finding a suitable sized venue, along with legal complications such as insurance and tax. They don't want a huge convention, they want a good enjoyable convention. The smaller 500 people capacity at AmeChibi could have been seen a dry run, allowing them to get the new committee members up to speed with the logistics of running a convention.

Source: AmeChibi Closing Ceremony
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