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Anime Limited Welcomes Jeremy Graves to Team AL

Date: 2015 January 05 11:42

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We've just received a press release from the good folks at Anime Limited. They've just told us about their newest recruit Jeremy Graves. Although new to the company roster he's not new to the anime industry. Regular anime fans will be familiar with his role as Manga Entertainment UK's Community Liaison and regularly replied to anime fans on Twitter, as well regular appearances on the Manga UK Podcast,

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Press release as follows:

Anime Limited Welcomes Jeremy Graves to Team AL

Glasgow, UK January 05, 2015 - Anime Limited are thrilled to announce the addition of Jeremy Graves to its growing team in Glasgow.

Jeremy joins Anime Limited as Marketing Executive, taking over community management, supporting ongoing marketing activities, PR and promotional work. Growing the team to a whole 4 full time people, we are incredibly happy to have him on board!

Kicking off the new year with a move to Glasgow, Jeremy starts his tenure at Anime Limited January 5th.

Over the past few years, Jeremy has been involved with all genres of Anime. After spending a short amount of time as videographer for Manga UK. Jeremy was then appointed Manga Entertainment UK's Community Liaison, a position he would oversee for two and half years.

A well-known presence at UK and European conventions, exhibitions and on podcasts, Jeremy's depth of knowledge and love of anime and manga is much appreciated by his followers.
Jeremy Graves says: "I'm delighted to become part of the team at Anime Limited. Having seen the variety and diversity of products they have brought to the UK I'm very excited to be part of a company with so much enthusiasm, creativity and dedication to anime that ultimately benefits the most important people, the fans."

Andrew Partridge, President of Anime Limited says: 'Jeremy brings his incredible experience and background in the anime scene as well as his boundless enthusiasm to our growing company - and we couldn't be happier having him here.'

Source: Anime Limited
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