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Hyper Japan Christmas Market 2014 Details - Reminder

Date: 2014 October 29 17:44

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Are you looking for Christmas Japanese Culture fun in London? Well Hyper Japan have got something for you! on Friday 14th to Sunday 16th November 2014 they'll be running the Hyper Japan Christmas Market at National Hall, Olympia, London.

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Press release as follows:

Christmas Market 2014
14 - 16 November
National Hall, Olympia, London

HYPER JAPAN is back for the festive season to deliver another installment of crazy, cute and creative Japanese culture to Olympia London in our long-awaited Christmas Market 2014. Themed around ‘unique and interesting Christmas gifts’, the market will feature a higher proportion of shopping booths and gift experiences than in previous HYPER JAPAN events (see our Top 15 list of Christmas gift ideas). However, it is by no means exclusively a shopping experience – guests will be treated to a wide variety of stage performances, martial arts and cooking demonstrations, and will of course be able to wine and dine at our ever-popular food and drink stalls.

Exciting features of HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market 2014 include:

Eat-Japan Area
This year's Christmas Market will showcase quality Japanese alcohol, with particular emphasis on sake. Guests will be able to receive free samples of beverages ranging from umeshu (plum wine) to stronger Suntory and Nikka whiskies, while our Premium Sake Shop will offer a grand selection including popular sparkling sakes and fruit liqueurs. Exclusive seminars from the curator of the Museum of Sake will inform visitors on the traditions, flavours and different ways to enjoy this quintessential Japanese drink. In the food department, thanks to a new team-up between Tofu Cute and HYPER JAPAN, visitors will be able to feast on Japanese sweets at our 'candy festival' , where special tokens can be exchanged for a range of treats and snacks. Stalls selling adorable MeowMeow cookies, green tea chocolates and Japanese-style macarons will ensure that shoppers with a sweet tooth find something unique and delicious to give their loved ones this Christmas. Finally, street food stalls selling favourites such as Japanese curry, ramen (noodle soup) and takoyaki (octopus balls) will brush shoulders with booths selling high-end Japanese pastries and sushi. Such a large-scale festival of Japanese food and drink cannot be found anywhere else in the UK. Demonstrations such as Sozai cooking school’s temari sushi (sushi ball) rolling, and Hideki Kimura’s giant tuna carving show and tuna cuisine booth will inspire visitors to taste new and exciting flavours, and even try their own hand at Japanese cooking.

Guests& Stage
For the first time in the UK, volunteer organisation ‘Mirai no Neiro’ (Sound of the Future) will be running a Vocaloid (voice synthesizer) concert featuring the globally famous android girl Hatsune Miku. Fans can enjoy watching a projected 3D image of Miku singing and dancing along to her songs, and will also receive an exclusive talk on Vocaloid music and culture, which has achieved extraordinary popularity in Japan. Singer/songwriter Inoue Joe, best-known for his song ‘Closer’ which was used as an opening theme in the anime Naruto; Harajuku-style model and singer Yano Anna; and famously fun-loving pop idol Koike Miyu will light up our stage with their musical performances, while smash hit techo-troupe SIRO-A will delight guests with their playfully creative fusion of light and sound. Traditional Japanese folk music will also be a highlight.

Modern J-Culture
Our HYPER J-Style Collection fashion show will showcase a range of modern Japanese trends from "Lolita" to "Visual Kei", and will feature stylish outfits from J-style fashion retailer Dreamy Bows. A whole host of designers selling ‘kawaii’ (cute) merchandise will also be on hand to provide visitors with the most adorable Christmas gifts to be found outside of Japan. Fans of cosplay (dressing up as a character from film, games or anime) will be able to participate in the UK preliminary of the World Cosplay Summit, which attracts dozens of costume-savvy candidates every year. Creative minds can also participate in our cosplay workshop and activity area dedicated to Japanese handicrafts, calligraphy and origami with a festive twist. There will of course also be a multitude of booths dedicated to gaming, manga, anime, figures, an d other otaku merchandise, including Square Enix and CAPCOM products.


Tickets cost £12 for the Friday and Saturday sessions, and £15 for the longer Sunday session

To book tickets and for more information visit:
For a schedule of stage performances see:

Twitter: @hyperjapanevent

HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market 2014
Date: 14th - 16th November 2014
Address: Olympia London, Hammersmith Road, Kensington, London W14 8UX
Nearest Tube: Kensington or Kensington Olympia
Opening Hours: Friday 14th November – 14:00-20:00
Saturday 15th November First Session – 09:00-15:00 Second Session – 15:45-21:00
Sunday 16th November – 09:00-18:00

Source: Hyper Japan
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