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Kitacon 2014 Announced for March 2014 - And Sells Over Half its Tickets within an Hour and a Half

Date: 2013 September 20 18:01

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28th-30th March 2014 will see the 5th running of the obviously very popular Kitacon, the only anime convention in Birmingham.

Guests attending include Ellen McLain (voice actress in Pacific Rim, GLaDOS in Portal), her husband John Patrick Lowrie (voice actor in Halo: Reach, Team Fortress 2), award-winning hip hop artist Professor Elemental and cosplay sensation Leon Chiro will be flying over from Italy.

Kitacon's organisers just tweeted their surprise at selling over half of their tickets within an hour and a half of the following announcement! Our advice: Get yours quick!

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We are pleased to announce that registrations for Kitacon Invasion have now, at long, long, long, long, long last opened and attendees can now book their places for the "must attend" convention of 2014.

Kitacon Invasion runs from the 28th to the 30th of March 2014 at the Birmingham Hilton Metropole NEC and two types of registration are available to eager attendees.

We are very excited to be offering VIP Registrations! Priced at £85 this special package offers some truly out of this world treats for the lucky few who become a VIP. They will get an exclusive VIP conbag and lanyard, a special convention T-shirt, an exclusive VIP USB stick with a digital conbook – (featuring articles and features not included in the standard printed conbook), limited edition poster, priority seating for the larger events and much, much more.

Sound amazing doesn’t it? It should do as there are only 100 VIP badges up for grabs. When they’re gone, they’re gone!

Standard registration for Kitacon Invasion is priced at £48 and will include an assortment of goodies: a shiny con badge, a conbag with traditional conbook and assorted treats. This is the basic package to ensure attendee’s survival across Invasion weekend.

Hotel booking for Hilton Metropole NEC is also open, with standard rooms at £73 and double / twin rooms at £85 per night. All prices include VAT and a daily breakfast for the length of your stay, fuel for the Invasion is a must!

With registrations finally open we are also thrilled to start revealing some of the great guests coming to Birmingham on the front line against Invasion.

Ellen McLain and John Patrick Lowrie
Making a return to the UK by popular demand is voice actress Ellen McLain, better known to the gaming world as the voice of GLaDOS from the Portal games and more recently the AI voice for Gipsy Danger in Pacific Rim. Ellen is not alone this time as she will be joined by her husband, John Patrick Lowrie. John is also a voice acting stalwart from the Valve games; his most memorable role being The Sniper from Team Fortress 2.

Professor Elemental (L) and Leon Chiro (R)
Our third guest for Kitacon Invasion fuses rap and British elegance into one splendidly charismatic package; Professor Elemental. With songs such as "Fighting Trousers", "I’m British" and "This Is My Horse", Professor Elemental is an unique and award winning hip-hop artist. Mad for steampunk, a daring adventurer, genius inventor and fan of a good old cuppa; Professor Elemental will add a touch of gentlemanly grace to Kitacon Invasion’s events and party line up.

Turning our attention to the world of Cosplay, we are very pleased to announce that Leon Chiro will also be joining us as a guest. Leon is a talented cosplayer and model from Italy. Having brought us Dante from Devil May Cry, Jann Lee from Dead Or Alive 5 and Caius Ballard from Final Fantasy XIII-2; Leon has a wealth of experience to draw on for Kitacon Invasion which we’re sure fanatics will enjoy.

Ellen, John, Leon and Professor Elemental comprise the first line up of guests for Kitacon Invasion, keep your eyes to the skies for more announcements! Combining this exciting news with a terrific selection of events such as the Kitacon Invasion Parties, Kita’s Got Talent, The Cosplay Masquerade, Build-A-Mecha, The AMV Set and so much more sees Kitacon Invasion already set to reach intergalactic heights!

So whether you want to take the plunge as a VIP or register as a standard attendee, expect Kitacon Invasion to be the "in-demand" convention ticket for 2014. Don’t delay! Book your place and be on the front line against Invasion!

For more information regarding Kitacon Invasion, visit us at, via our Facebook Page at or through our Twitter feed @Kitacon

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