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K-ON Week at J-pop go

Date: 2012 April 18 16:33

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Starting Monday 23rd April our friends at J-pop go will be running a K-On Week, focusing on the girls of Ho-Kago Tea Time. The event will also feature the chance to win the K-On box set. We urge all fans of cute and J music to check it out!
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Press Release as follows:

K-On! has emerged as a classic anime series that manages to promote and encourage music, while also being great entertainment at the same time.

The music of K-On! has been a regular feature of J-Pop Go events and with the forthcoming release of K-ON! THE COMPLETE SERIES later this month, we decided this would be a good opportunity to celebrate the K-On! phenomenon.

Starting on Monday 23rd April J-Pop Go will be running K-ON! WEEK which will look at the girls of Ho-Kago Tea Time as we feature a series of articles discussing the series, the music, the inspirations and the fans. We’ll also have competitions for you to win K-ON! THE COMPLETE SERIES DVDs courtesy of Manga Entertainment as well.

Join us on Monday 23rd April when all our amps will be turned up to 11!

Source: J-pop go!
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