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The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony Report

Date: 2011 November 02 15:50

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On Tuesday the 25 October, I was lucky enough to be part of an incredible celebration - The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony performance in London.

The atmospheric soundtrack featured throughout the game series is as essential to their appeal as the enduring elfin hero, Link. For many players, it is one of the core elements of the experience, bringing the world of the game and the characters to life. The unforgettable soundtrack raises the senses to another level of intensity as you play the adventure. The music is iconic and is an element of the franchise's incredible 25 year legacy that remains strong in the hearts and minds of players throughout the world. The atmosphere emanating from the audience was intense and heartfelt. Each and every gamer in the auditorium was taken into a world of reminiscence as their music returned them to the time of their own adventures.

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It was a thrill to and an honour to experience the world of Zelda in the concert hall of London's Hammersmtih Apollo. Introduced by game producer Eiji Aonuma and featuring a range of over 40 pieces from the games, modern day and 8-bit melodies were immortalised by the prestigious Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and with choir support from the Capital Voices. It was, without a doubt, spellbinding. Time moved back and forth throughout the eras of Link and Zelda's adventures as the musicians captured the spirit of the series in an array dazzling performances. From the very first Legend of Zelda, to the forthcoming Skyward Sword, conductor EĆ­mear Noone led us across the many lands from the RPG.

The London performance provided a unique surprise for fans with the addition of a guest narrator in the form of the beautiful and enchanting Zelda Williams. She appeared in a gorgeous little white dress to share her own fondness and family connection to the world of her namesake.

Zelda fans were invited to revisit old friends and nemeses in an array exhilarating and enchanting musical movements, accompanied by visuals from each of the games.

The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra's lending their skill to the performance is a tribute and a testament to the musical mastery of the Nintendo staff. Music Supervisor for the Zelda series Koji Kondo delighted the audience with a performance on the piano during the final act.

The sell-out show was total sensation. For fans of the game and admirers of classical music alike, it was an absolute pleasure. This exceptional event evoked the spirit of adventure, bringing the Zelda's kingdom to life in a whole new way. It was further proof of the remarkable and unique power that videogames have to capture the hearts of gamers. To play with fervour is to explore another realm that exists beyond our reality but that marks our memories as keenly as many a lived experience.

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