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AyaCon 2009 announce two more guests

Date: 2009 July 26 13:39

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The good folks at UK convention AyaCon 2009 have sent us more details about their guest line up. They've added Matthew Mercer voice actor, script writer, and independent film maker along with JoEllen Elam costume designer and makeup artist. This makes for a great variety of guests.

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Details as follows:

Two New Guests Added

We are very pleased to announce the addition of two new guests to the Aya Revolution line up.

The first is Matthew Mercer, the director and co-creator of internet Nintendo parody series There Will Be Brawl. Matt is also known for his voice work for recent titles such as Star Ocean: The Last Hope and Street Fighter IV.

Our second new guest is JoEllen Elam, a costume and makeup artist who has also worked on There Will Be Brawl and runs her own cosplay business.

These two great guests are in addition to Haruko Momoi and her band, making it possibly the finest guest lineup a UK convention has ever seen.

For full details check out our guests page:

Source: Aya Revolution 09
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