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Kitacon Announces New Guests

Date: 2008 October 28 18:20

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We've just been sent news from the good folks at Kitacon (the UK anime Convention in Northampton 17th-19th April 2009), informing us that they've got two more guests. Voice actors Laura Bailey and Travis Willingham will be attending the convention.

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Press release as follows:

Press release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 28/10/08


KITACON is delighted to announce that voice actors Laura Bailey and Travis Willingham are to attend our convention. Although both have attended the UK MCM Expo, this will be their first true convention attendance in the UK. They join Chris Patton in the guest line-up for KITACON, and will be involved in many of the events and parties taking place over the weekend.

Laura started her career in voice acting playing Kid Trunks on the hit series Dragonball Z, and went on to play several leads in other popular anime titles. Some of her most recognizable roles are Tohru Honda in Fruits Basket, Lust in Fullmetal Alchemist, Keiko in Yu Yu Hakusho, Marlene in Blue Gender, Oboro in Basilisk and Henrietta in Gunslinger Girl.

Travis has worked in stage, TV, and film, but is best known in the anime world for his character Colonel Roy Mustang in Fullmetal Alchemist - one of his very first roles in anime. He has since gone on to work on many other popular titles in both Texas and Los Angeles, including Pierre in Aquarion, Badrick Serihan in Black Blood Brothers, Andreas Darlton in Code Geass, Iggy in Ergo Proxy and Kaiji in GunxSword.

KITACON is a newly established UK convention running in Northampton 17th-19th April 2009. KITACON aims to make anime conventions more interactive for fans, with innovative events such as the Fan Choice awards, Build a Mecha, the J-Factor and much much more. For the traditional events, the bar has been raised, such as 24 hour Video Rooms and the inclusion of live acts at evening events. KITACON is committed to pushing the boundaries of anime conventions.

Source: Kitacon
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