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AmeCon 2008 Competition

Date: 2008 July 20 10:54

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With Leicester based UK anime convention AmeCon less than a month a way, they've decided to launch a great competition where you can win two tickets to the convention, plus free accommodation for the length of the convention.

The press release also details the guest for this year will be voice actress Kari Walgren, who has done a large variety of voice work, including the American dubs for a few anime series - Haruko in FLCL, Scarlett in Steamboy, Robin in Witch Hunter Robin and Lavie in Last Exile.

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Press release as follows:

Amecon 2008
Counting down...

With less than one month to go to the big event, the Amecon team have decided to launch a VIP ticket competition.

A pair of tickets are up for grabs for the UK's largest fan-led anime event along with nearby accommodation.

Chairman Will Blewitt said:
"We decided there was no better way to warm up for this year's big event than offering two people the chance to attend for free! The winners are definitely in for a treat.

"This year the prolific Kari Walgren will be joining us. Kari was recently cast as Relena in Digimon and is perhaps best known for playing Lavie Head in Last Exile, Robin Sena in Witch Hunter Robin and Fuu Kasumi in Samurai Champloo but has a credit list that stretches to the sun and back."

Other notable anime projects this shining star has worked on include Naruto, Tenchi Muyo! OVA 3 and her games roles include Ashe from Final Fantasy XII, Mary-Jane Watson in Spiderman 3 and Teliko Friedman in Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops.

Akemi Solloway will also be there. Akemi is our trusted cultural ambassador – teaching attendees about ancient Japanese practices including tea ceremony and Kimono wearing.

Electra/new wave/industrial band Gothika will also be joining us for a second year.

Guest Liaison Dave Mack said: "It is great to have such a mix of old and new faces this year, especially because they have such a range of expertise from dub artists to cultural experts, animators and writers.

"The fact we can draw this calibre of guest proves that UK anime fandom is going from strength to strength."

Events will include opportunities to listen and chat with industry professionals, the Cosplay Ball, Charity Auction, AMV disco and the all important Masquerade.

Plus, lets not forget the Bring & Buy, Artists Alley, Games Room, Omake and Cosplay Competition to name but a few.

One winner will be chosen to receive two tickets and free nearby accommodation for the Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.

To enter the competition simply go to and answer the question along with your name, address, telephone number and email. The competition will run from 2pm on Sunday July 20th to 2pm Friday July 26th 2008. After that winner will be chosen at random from the correct entries.


The competition is open to anyone over the age of 18 years of age. The person chosen to accompany them must also be over 18 years old. For full terms and conditions relating to the competition along with all things ame-related, please see our website:


Amecon has run since 2004 at Leicester University. The 2008 event is the third consecutive year the event has run. Tickets were sold out within 3 weeks of going on sale.

In 2007 1,300 people attended the three day event and guests included Monica Rial, Anime network presenter Stuart Claw, electra/new wave/industrial band Gothika and Akemi Solloway.

The charity auction and t-shirt sales raised £1,400 for Amecon's chosen charity NSPCC.

Source: AmeCon 2008 Competition Page
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