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Manga Force a new UK DVD magazine

Date: 2006 December 28 14:49

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We've just discovered some interesting TV adverts in the UK for a new magazine publication called Manga Force. The magazine will be published fortnightly, with an anime DVD and the magazine will focus on that title. Manga Force is a joint effort between Manga Entertainment UK and Hachette Partworks. As usual for a publication from Manga Entertainment they insist on calling anime "manga", which has often led to confusion when people discover Japanese animation. The magazine states it's the perfect partner to your DVD collection, and will give you everything you need to build your manga knowledge (check our FAQ for recommend books which will really help you do that), each issue will have synopses, filmographies, writer bibliographies and behind the scenes footage. Issues will cover the following Manga Entertainment titles:

Evangelion (It's not clear which Evangelion movies will be released with the issue)
Blood The Last Vampire
Ghost in the Shell
Macross Plus

The first issue is priced at £2.99 with all subsequent issues priced at £8.99, which is reasonable considering that the average Manga Entertainment title sells for £12.99 without a magazine.

Their website has some introductory subscription deals, although we're curious to see what they could fill a full 50 issues with. No start date is published on-line.

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Details as follows:

With its best-known titles and artists, Manga Force: The Ultimate Collection offers you the greatest in Manga on DVD. Brought to you by Manga Entertainment, Manga Force will introduce you to some of the most popular titles in Japanese animation, created by the best-known names. Every fortnight collect a new DVD with a superb magazine dedicated to each film.

Experience the ultimate in Japanese animation with Akira, Ghost in the Shell, Blood, Macross Plus & many more!

The perfect partner to the DVD collection, each magazine will initiate you into the mysteries of the manga universe. Inside, you’ll find everything you need to build your knowledge, from synopses and filmographies to writer bibliographies and behind-the-scenes footage. There’s so much to discover in each magazine. Find out how the character of AKIRA came about, learn the secrets behind the creation of BLOOD and much more....

Price : issue 1 £2.99, issue 2 £8.99, issue 3 onwards £8.99

Number of issues : 50

Frequency : Fortnightly

Source: Manga Force
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