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Oh my God!

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Released by: Deux Press

Publishing Country: USA

Author: Natsuho, Shino

Age Rating: 16+

Page Count: 176

ISBN-13: 9781934496442

ISBN-10: 1934496448

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Oh my God!


Life at the Hikami household continues as young onmyouji Yuto fights for some semblance of normality in a life less than ordinary. Amidst the excitement of exorcisms and the dangers drawn to his power, the chores must still be done and the routine traditions of his lineage must be upheld. With two destitute deities at his beckon call, Yuto finds some way to channel his resources for the greater good. Unfortunately, peace is impossible as the ever attentive Jade and Rin contribute more to chaos than to convenience.

The complications never cease and as Yuto's latent power increase, yet otherworldly beings emerge from the shadows to manipulate his potential. Amidst the mysteries of magic beings, how is Yuto to know a friend from foe?


With plenty of new players involved the tempo changes in Oh my God! as Shino bind hers colourful cast to a new chain of events. In volume 2 Yuto is led to a realm of magic and intrigue, summoning him into dangerous liaisons with an ethereal tall dark stranger.

The magical elements are cut deftly into the simple slice of life pie that would have been the recipe for a peaceful existence – were it not for the jostling gods and their feisty familiars held up in the Hikami house. God of water Rin calls forth his guardian spirit Kyo, a magical raven confined to an occasional manifestation of a childlike human form and misconception as a common crow by his master's charge.

Uncertainly evoked by the unknown quality of newcomers' agendas adds an exciting aspect to the mix, making the return to the Hikami household a rather enjoyable one.

The volume includes additional character sketches and three short (but very very sweet) little stories that skirt themes of the magical world with a little more fairytale fun.

Rating: 7/10


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