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Mister Misstress

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Released by: Deux Press

Publishing Country: USA

Author: Rize, Shinba

Age Rating: 18+

Page Count: 176

ISBN-13: 9781934496299

ISBN-10: 1934496294

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Mister Misstress


Adolescence is typically the time in a young man’s life when hormones take on a life of their own, possessing the mind and body with insatiable power. For Fujimaru, his natural urges are about to plunge into paranormal perversions as his vibrant virility makes the number one target for a sinister sex demon. The ravishing Rei is an incubus set to spirit away Fujimaru’s sanity and virginity with magical molestations! With a dashing demonic deviant haunting his home and how will Fujimaru defend himself from desire?


There exists an abundance of BL titles that incorporate a supernatural theme into their mix. Whilst fuelling the fantasy with the otherworldly can enhance the escapist experience, mysticism often becomes mundane in the hackneyed area of ethereal erotica.

I picked up Mister Mistress (aka Aijin Incubus) with this reservation in mind. A talisman of my jaded experience hung heavy around my neck, ready to dispel any ghastly generic nonsense that might bore me into oblivion. I soon found that contrary to my scepticism I succumbed to Rize Shinba's salacious spell.

This is a work that sneaks up you as suddenly as an apparition in the mirror! Before you know it, you're sniggering at the sweet simplicity of a boy enslaved to both his sex drive and the skilful seduction of Rei's stimulating company.

Fujimaru tries, poor lamb, to maintain his honour, to resist the enchantments and to denounce Rei's demonic advances. The ingenious incubus, however, is ever ready with his hand on the proverbial trigger to make his mark on Fujimaru's hotspots.

What makes Mister Mistress a class apart from similarly spun titles is that Shinba lets her demonic dandy run wild. Rei is given free reign over Fujimaru's body but also the realms of his everyday life. The chaotic comedy culminates when Rei infiltrates the high school faculty acting as the school counsellor, where he is better positioned to observe his prey (and to indulge occasional extracurricular exercises with Fujimaru).

The title showcases charming character vignettes that appear intermittently throughout. These feature quaint family portraits of past and present, including the rather unique characterisation of "little Fujimaru" (yes, even the penile alter ego of our hero is given due exposure in these extras).

Shinba's style is satisfying mix of hot and sweet, her characters are conjured with a skilful synergy that creates a cast composed of both sensuous allure and enchanting innocence. This is a title I would happily recommend to any fearless fujoshi! Set to be an occult classic!

Rating: 8/10


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