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Big Eye Art

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Released by: Merrell

Publishing Country: UK

Author: Blonde Blythe

Age Rating: N/A

Page Count: 224

ISBN-13: 9781858944364

ISBN-10: 1858944368

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Big Eye Art


One of the most easily recognisable aspects of Anime from the outsiders point of view is the over expression of the eyes. Eyes are of course, according to the Bible (Matthew 6 22-23) the window to the soul, and have been used to display the finer points of emotion for thousands of years. Big Eye Art attempts to catalogue some of the more well known artists in this fairly obscure genre and showcase their artwork.


The foreword is well written documenting the history of big eye art, written as it is by Jasmine Becket-Griffith, which explains the cultural and psychological effects of the big eye phenomenon. Following this is the introduction by Blonde Blythe who explains the history of the genre from Margaret Keane in the 50's all the way up to the present day. Although obscure, this form of art can be found in many areas of current popular culture, from Mattel, Bratz, or Barbie dolls to art that can be found on the London Underground.

While this book was not really meant to be viewed by the regular anime viewing public, there is much to be had here for anyone who is interested in art. The artwork is globally good and some, if not all of it, would probably be well applied as posters on the walls of many an appreciative art lover.

While not being an art lover, this book was a joy to read. I look forward to following the artists within, and I'll make a point of following the careers of the people who graced this book with their talent.

Rating: 7/10


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