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Oh My God!

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Released by: Deux Press

Publishing Country: USA

Author: Natsuho, Shino

Age Rating: 16+

Page Count: 176

ISBN-13: 9781934496244

ISBN-10: 1934496243

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Oh My God!


Yuto, the youngest son in the line of legendary Hikami onmyoji discovers that the ancient spiritual arts are far from deceased. When he one day he uncovers a relic relegated to the family store closet, Yuto uncovers a legacy he was not prepared for.

Sealed within an ancient sword is a barbarous god of destruction, one that the hapless high school boy just happens to release into the world. This formidable ancient force would pose a most terrible threat to humanity... if only he could remember who and what he once was!

With the divine Jade, life soon becomes blurred between the magical and the mundane as the yin and yang of yaoi collide!


From the gaudy colour cover art, I was expecting an inelegant work featuring a bunch of anatomically dubious and heavy-faced characters. Conversely, I was greeted by a fresh and delicate style in mellow monochrome. Natsuho Shino's line work is light and endearing, which serves as a perfect compliment to the story itself.

The manga develops around the initially uneasy cohabitation of Yuto and Jade as they try to balance their powers and personalities in a modern world. As events unfold and more mysterious characters are attracted to the young onmyouji, it soon becomes apparent that the boy is imbued with most the potent powers of the Hikami clan.

Just as the odd couple are beginning to settle into a daily rhythm (of sorts), another god appears in the form of the self-possessed and elegant Rin! After pledging allegiance to the descendant of his former master, Rin becomes another member of the lively Hikami household (much to Hikami's disgust). Heart warming and humorous adventures ensue as the gods vie for Yuto's attentions. Finding himself with laden with two lost souls, sharing his life (and not to mention his bedroom) with these heavenly bodies is far from tranquil. Hot headed Jade and even the noble Rin are more doglike than deities.

While there is little to make this a resoundingly memorable piece, it is a cute and cuddly comedy that will be endearing to fans of lighter boys' love fare. There is scarcely a trace of romance or fujoshi fan service, (no kissing, no confessions and certainly no sex!). Oh My God! builds on the elements of devotion and attachment via the ethereal theme, drawing upon the subtlety of shonen ai and the supernatural to create a compelling read. I look forward to seeing what Shino summons up in the next instalment.

Rating: 7/10


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