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Once Upon A Glashma

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Released by: ADV Manga

Publishing Country: USA

Author: Kumiko Suekane

Age Rating: 13+

Page Count: 200

ISBN-13: 9781413903638

Once Upon A Glashma


One day, all the women of the world disappeared and the men started to gain magic powers. Nippori and Gotanda are government agents monitoring and assessing the growing wizard population.


The world that Once Upon A Glashma is set in appears to be similar to our own. However, one day all the women vanished and slowly since that incident, men have been acquiring magical powers.

The main characters Norinori Nippori and his senpai Takeshi Gotanda work for the Ministry of International Affairs and Communications in the Magic Section of the Statistics Bureau monitoring and assessing the growing wizarding population.

The first half of the book sees them take on a pet dragon, deal with a wizard whose ability is to explode and investigate a group of men who like turning men into female maids.

The second half is a story that has Nippori trying to find out more information about his co-worker. Could he somehow be connected to the disappearance of all the women?

As a single volume title, its a nice change from multiple volume series. Though the premise is entertaining and I could have quite happily read more.

The art throughout is nice and clean. The characters are well designed and easily recognisable. Some people may find that they recognise designs as Kumiko Suekane was the character designer for the Phoenix Wright games.

At its length, this title is ideal for being balled up on a sofa and under a blanket to get away for the cold outside.

Rating: 8/10


Once Upon A Glashma was recently serialised in Newtype USA.

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