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Released by: Tanoshimi

Publishing Country: UK

Author: Satomi Ikeazawa

Age Rating: 16+

Page Count: 192

ISBN-13: 978009950669

ISBN-10: 99506696



Yaya just keeps getting herself into trouble, now she’s under the thumb of Megumi Hano, a girl for whom blackmail is a common everyday way of life. The trouble is when Yaya is pushed too far she changes into super confident Nana. Yaya herself is unaware of this change, but how long is it until her secret is out?


The fourth volume of Othello kicks of exactly where three left off, Yaya has been forced into the principle’s office by Hano in order to steal the list of students. Hano is convinced her nemesis Nana must be a student at the school and is determined to find and challenge her, sung the stolen register. Yaya is caught up in the middle, since she’s still unaware of her dual identity. Hano’s nastiness continues to escalate to extreme levels as she cons Yaya and some of her school friends into joining her father’s talent agency. She promises them jobs in order to pay the fees, but when Yaya turns up the job Hano has arranged she realises she’s been set up, luckily for Yaya she has Nana to bail her out.

It almost seems certain that every time Yaya gets into trouble Nana will bail her out. But it seems Nana might have met her match with the super nasty "Hano-chan". Hano on the surface acts nice, but she is a total piece of work, upping the level of torture she inflicts on Yaya who has no idea why she’s the focus of Hano’s animosity. The introduction of Hano-chan to the series has really upped the pace and sense of danger, whilst nasty Hano is also fairly smart playing Yaya in a great deal of danger.

Othello keeps getting better and better, the earlier volumes relied strongly on the Yaya/Nana switch for comedy whilst this volume starts to pile on the pressure as Nanas actions catch up with her.

Rating: 8/10

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