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Get Backers: Volume 3

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Released by: ADV Films UK

Age Rating: 12

Region: 2 - UK

Volume 3 of 10

Length: 125 minutes

Subtitles: English

Audio: English Dolby Digital 5.1
Japanese 2.0 Stereo

Get Backers: Volume 3


In the third volume of Get backers Ginji and Ban are really in trouble. They must go to the Limitless Fortress and get back a mysterious object called the IL, trouble is Ginji used to be Emperor of the Limitless Fortress and it doesn’t look like everyone is pleased to see him back.


Gat Backers is a series which follows two super powered but broke men named Ginji and Ban who quite simply get anything back for a price. It’s a simple and rather open-ended formula, and thankfully so far hasn’t got repetitive. This formula means of course there’s always an excuse for over the top super powered action. The scripts regularly have more yaoi themed innuendos than you can shake a (lightning charged) fist at, nothing is shown which makes the whole show just that bit more amusing, and will no doubt delight certain types of anime fan.

The third volume builds strongly on previous episodes especially since this plot arc involves Ginji’s past. The tone is also much darker, but that doesn’t mean that Get Backer’s loopy humour is missing. Ginji is especially funny when confronted once again with the extremely creepy Doctor Jackal, other characters from previous episodes also return, and we finally get to learn more about their pasts.

This volume is also pretty fight heavy, with multiple fights going on at once several across episodes. New villains are continuously showing up, which keeps things fresh. It’s also interesting to note that during some of the fights the animation quality increases dramatically, volume three can certainly boast some of the best fights so far. It’s worth noting that this plot arc is not resolved on this disc so it won’t be a good place to start from.

The dub is also worth mentioning simply because it’s so well done and highly enjoyable. Jason Liebrecht and J Shannon Weaver compliment each other perfectly as Ban and Ginji, the rest of the extensive cast are also superb, this DVD also includes a commentary for episode 12 and more voice actor interviews.

Volume three of Get Backers is much darker than previous episodes, and is an excellent example of the genre, the fights might go on too long for some, but Get Backers is by no means the worst offender. Stylistically it reminds me a lot of Bleach. Simply put Get Backer’s is an enjoyable well-executed and funny shounen action show that older fans of the genre will really enjoy.

Rating: 8/10

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