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UK Conventions Set For 2005 And 2006

Date: 2004 September 29 18:32

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It seems at almost exactly the same time, both AyaCon and AmeCon have officially announced more details regarding their next conventions!

It was announced at AyaCon 2003 that there would be no AyaCon in 2004, but now they've updated their website saying that "We are currently planning to stage our latest event, AyaCon Five, in Summer/Autumn 2005. We're aiming to make AyaCon bigger and better than ever!" As yet, they haven't revealed a venue for the convention.

AmeCon have also just updated their website. Stating that "The Convention will not be running in 2005, but will be running at Aston University, Birmingham, in 2006. Registrations for 2006 will open shortly."

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We believe that Aston University makes an interesting choice, the first AmeCon was held at The University of Leicester. Universities offer ideal places for conventions since they have something that hotels don't - lots of space! With hotel conventions there is always the odd regular hotel guest about, often staring, bemused/shocked/frightened at the cosplayers, after all you don't exactly see them everyday at your local Asda (well OK, you did at AmeCon, but that was a only for one weekend ^_-), since universities are enclosed it gives you lots more space to hang around, plus you have the added benefit that all the guests at the university are anime fans!

We advise that you book as soon as registration opens if you can to avoid disappointment, the last AyaCon sold out quickly, and AmeCon had to change it's venue for extra capacity! So far Monica Rial has confirmed that she will return as a guest for AmeCon 2006.

Source: AyaCon / AmeCon Websites.
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