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Kiddy Grade: The Sequel

Date: 2006 October 13 11:26

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Kiddy Grade sequel in the works!

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Fans of the sci-fi anime series Kiddy Grade can rejoice. Seiyuu Aya Hirano recently announced on a Japanese radio show that a sequel to the hit series, tentatively titled KG2, is in the works. Hirano voiced the character of Lumiere in the first series.

The first 24-episode Kiddy Grade series was produced in 2002 by Gonzo, the studio behind such hits as Samurai 7, Desert Punk and the original Hellsing TV series. The show followed the exploits of Eclair and Lumiere, two agents of the Galactic Organization of Trade and Tariffs (GOTT) in the distant future. As the two handled various cases, often working with and against other GOTT agents, they began to discover many mysteries regarding themselves and the organization they work for. The show was released in the U.S. by FUNimation Entertainment, both on DVD (a collector's box set is available) and on TV broadcast on the FUNimation channel.

Details regarding the sequel, such as plot and episode length, have not been revealed at this time. The show may again focus on Eclair and Lumiere, or shift to new characters. Only time will tell as more information becomes available and the new series makes its debut.

Source: ICv2
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