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Toonami Jetstream a Big Success

Date: 2006 August 23 10:37

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Toonami Jetstream reports millions of hits in just first four weeks!

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VIZ Media, LLC is pleased to announce that their online joint venture with Cartoon Network, Toonami Jetstream, has proven successful. In its first four weeks, the broadband site has had an average of 725,000 visitors per week, achieving more than 9.5 million video streams since launching on July 14. And from the looks of it, the 24/7 free broadband service doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.
"We are thrilled by the incredible response from our fans who are visiting to watch their favorite action and anime programs online," said Paul Condolora, Senior Vice President and General Manager for Cartoon Network New Media. "Achieving 9.5 million video streams since our July 14 launch proves that fans are looking to Toonami Jetstream as the online destination of choice for action and anime programming. We will continue to offer a variety of the newest and most exciting animated series for our fans to access at anytime for their viewing pleasure."

"We knew there was an already large and growing fan base for these series which have been huge in Japan. The initial numbers confirm that we selected a strong offering for the launch," added John Easum, Executive Vice President for VIZ Media. "We look forward to adding even more exciting and popular series to the list in the future."

Regular viewers of the sight can continue to catch episodes of Cartoon Network hits such as "Naruto", "Samurai Jack" and "Megas XLR", as well as new episodes of "Hikaru no Go", "MAR" and "The Prince of Tennis", which are only available on the Toonami Jetstream site and have never been on U.S. broadcast or basic cable. New episodes of each show are available weekly, while previous episodes are available for a limited time at the site’s archive for those checking it out for the first time.

Source: Viz
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