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Game Play Exhibition

Date: 2006 July 20 08:47

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We sometimes worry when art and video games mix, but it seems at least this time there's an interesting result.The Gameplay exhibition is spread over two London galleries HTTP and QARTS.

It features among other things a giant Atari Joystick that you can actually use to play a number of games, as well as a furry virtual pet (that poops blue turds) and the social screen saver game Endless forest in which you play as deer interacting with other users.

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Game Play launches at two venues make sure you check that the items you want to see are at the gallery you go to:
HTTP Gallery, London.
Saturday 22 July 7pm – 9pm.
Unit A2, Arena Business Centre,
71 Ashfield Rd, London N4 1NY

Q Arts, Derby:
21 July 6.30pm – 8.30pm Q Arts – Gallery
35/36 Queen Street,
Derby, DE1 3DS

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