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Lucky Eureka SeveN

Date: 2006 April 07 15:15

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Bandai Entertainment announces major plans for TV and online release of Eureka SeveN in America.

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Eureka SeveN, the latest series from Studio Bones, is going to be everywhere this month. Bandai Entertainment has announced a variety of ways the show, about a boy named Renton whose life is changed forever when he meets a mysterious beauty named Eureka and gets caught up in a fight against a totalitarian regime in a world where the extreme form of hoverboarding called "lifting" is common, is going to be available this month, be it TV, DVD, or online.

First, the series will be joining the Adult Swim line-up with the first episode to be aired on April 15th at midnight EST. However, fans can also catch it the day before on Friday, April 14th on the Adult Swim website section known as Adult Swim Fix from 10 pm to 2 am. This makes it the first anime series to have a digital premiere before a television one. The first episode will also be available for free streaming at, Bandai Entertainment’s newly revived online channel, for one week. Further episodes will then be available for purchasable download and streaming starting the second week.

"We are very excited to have our new series join the Adult Swim line-up and to be able to offer the first ever simultaneous streaming of an anime series," said Bandai Entertainment President Ken Iyadomi.

Bandai will then release Eureka SeveN on DVD on April 25th. It will be available as either a stand alone version or in a special edition collector’s box set that also includes the first volume of the manga adaptation with an exclusive cover, a T-shirt and the series soundtrack. A stand alone edition of the manga will be released the same day, with the stand alone soundtrack to follow at a later date.

Source: Bandai Entertainment
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