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Anime News Network and Protoculture Addicts Join Forces

Date: 2004 September 19 09:27

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At Nan Desu Kan the Anime News Network announced that they are joining forces with independent anime magazine Protoculture Addicts to produce Anime News Network's Protoculture Addicts. This will be the 82nd issue of Protoculture Addicts (out in January 2005).

This is good news for Anime fans in North America (and the rest of the English speaking world too), since Protoculture Addicts has always been an excellent intelligent source of information for fans, combined with ANNs resources it means even better magazine. I look forward to reading this!

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Press Release as follows:

Anime News Network and Protoculture Addicts Join Forces

First Issue of Anime News Network's Protoculture Addicts on Sale in January

Montreal, September 18, 2004 — At Nan Desu Kan today, Anime News Network announced that it has partnered with North America's oldest anime magazine, Protoculture Addicts, to produce "Anime News Network's Protoculture Addicts."

"Anime News Network has always wanted to publish a print companion to the website, and rather than start with a blank slate, we felt that it would be better to partner with an existing magazine," said Christopher Macdonald, editor-in-chief of Anime News Network. "Protoculture Addicts is the perfect choice for us. It is more in tune with our mentality of putting information first, than any other magazine in the industry."

"Protoculture Addicts has been around for 17 years, for many of us it was the first anime magazine we ever bought. Because it's independent readers have always been able to trust Protoculture Addicts to be an unbiased source of information. What's more, it's a magazine that adult anime fans can look to without feeling like they're reading something written for twelve-year-olds."

"This is an excellent opportunity for us," said Claude J. Pelletier, editor-in-chief of Protoculture Addicts. "It's a big honor to be associated with one of the greatest anime resources on the Internet. This will provide the magazine the bigger staff that it was lacking in order to develop itself further. With a stronger production team and new ideas, I really believe that there is no limit to what Protoculture Addicts will be able to achieve. Not only will the magazine be able to become an even better guide to anime culture, but it will also allow us to realize many other publication projects that we never had time to work on before."

The first issue of Anime News Network's Protoculture Addicts and the 82nd issue of Protoculture Addicts will be on sale in January (Solicitation in the November issue of Previews). This issue will introduce readers to several new anime series (Avenger, Cinderella Boy, Otogi Zoushi, RE: Cutie Honey, Samurai 7, Scrapped Princess, Stellvia and more!) and will offer plenty of conventions & festival reports, reviews of all sorts of anime-related products, as well as the latest news!

ABOUT PROTOCULTURE: Protoculture is the publisher of Protoculture Addicts as well as anime resource guides like Anime: A Guide To Japanese Animation. First Published in 1988, Protoculture Addicts is North America's oldest anime magazine. With seventeen years of experience, Protoculture Addict's staff really knows anime. An independent magazine dedicated to keeping fans informed about what is going on in the anime industry (both in Japan and North America) and to help fans choose the best titles to buy. Each issue introduces several anime (with overviews, character & mechanical files, episode guides, etc.), anime-related products (DVDs, manga, CDs, models kits, toys, etc.), events (festivals, conventions, etc.) and elements of Japanese culture (live-action movies, books, music, etc.). It covers all styles and genres of anime and caters to the interests of both beginners & otaku. Protoculture Addicts offers more useful information than any other anime magazines. It is your best guide to anime culture! Bimonthly, 72 pages (8 in color), $4.95.

ABOUT ANIME NEWS NETWORK: Founded in 1998, Anime News Network was one of the first English language anime news websites, and remains, after six years, "the Internet's most trusted anime news source." ANN provides North American readers with up to date news, views and reviews regarding the North American and Japanese anime and manga industries. In 2002, ANN launched its encyclopedia, the most comprehensive compendium of anime and manga titles, releases, and people available online or in print. According to Alexa, Anime News Network is the fourth most popular anime related website on the Internet today, and the most popular website in the "Anime / News and Media" category. For more information, visit

Source: Anime News Network
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