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Manga Entertainment UK Winter 2020 Release Schedule

Date: 2020 August 14 20:09

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The good folks from UK anime distributor Manga Entertainment UK have just announced their winter 2020 line up.

Headlining the releases they've got the very popular Dr. Stone which includes an hmv exclusive blu-ray release.

They've also got some Golden Kamuy (featuring a very CGI bear), Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest, Cautious Hero: The Hero is Overpowered but Overly Cautious, Kemono Michi: Rise Up and The Quintessential Quintuplets.

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Press release as follows:

Manga Entertainment
Q4 - Dr Stone hmv Exclusives and Other New Shows!

It may not feel like it right now, but Winter. Is. Coming! We're super excited to share our upcoming new shows, coming to UK audiences from October to December this year.

Streaming smash-hit Dr Stone is top of our wish list this Q4, with Parts 1 & 2 coming on October 19 & December 7 respectively. Available on standard DVD & Blu-ray, Limited Edition AND hmv Exclusive Blu-ray!

hmv Exclusive Blu-rays each include:

  • 3x Art Cards
  • 1x Poster

Limited Edition (Part 2) includes:
  • 3x Art Cards
  • 152 page Art Book
  • 3x rubber key chains,
  • Stickers
  • Rigid box with space for Part 1

Not enough for you? We also have more Limited Editions in the form of Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest (October 5) and Cautious Hero: The Hero is Overpowered but Overly Cautious (November 23)! Arifureta comes with two enamel pins, an art book, six art cards and three vinyl stickers and Cautious Hero contains a lenticular art card, art book, three film strip book marks and 2 Drama CDs.

Our roster of new shows is rounded out with Golden Kamuy Season 1 (October 12) and Season 2 (November 30), Kemono Michi: Rise Up Complete Series (November 9) and The Quintessential Quintuplets Season 1 (October 12) all coming to DVD & Blu-ray!

You can pre-order the hmv exclusives here.

Line up as follows:

Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest - Season 1

Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest - Season 1

Out 5th October
On DVD, Blu-ray & Digital, Limited Edition
Directed by Kinji Yoshimoto
RRP £24.99, £39.99, £64.99

The ordinary life of 17-year-old otaku Hajime Nagumo is disrupted when he and his classmates are summoned to a fantasy world and tasked with saving mankind. While his classmates are gifted with impressive abilities useful in combat, Hajime is belittled for only gaining an inferior transmutation skill that lacks any real offensive power.

During an expedition in the Great Orcus Labyrinth, Hajime is betrayed by one of his classmates, plummeting him to the bottom of an abyss. Though he survives the fall, Hajime is faced with menacing monsters and misfortunes that send him spiraling into a grim nightmare. Desperate to live and return home one day, he resolves to fight for his survival-only to meet an imprisoned vampire he names Yue, who is also seeking to escape the labyrinth. Taking an interest in him, Yue and a few others along the way accompany Hajime on his journey to find a way back home, while steadily transforming from commonplace to the world's strongest.

Cautious Hero: The Hero is Overpowered but Overly Cautious - The Complete Series

Cautious Hero: The Hero is Overpowered but Overly Cautious - The Complete Series

Out November 23rd
On DVD, Blu-ray & Digital, Limited Editon
Directed by Masayuki Sakoi
RRP £24.99, £29.99, £64.99

There is a popular saying: "you can never be too careful." It is very important to prepare for every situation you may face, even if it seems like an unnecessary waste of time. Also, in games like RPGs, it is good to exceed the level of your enemies to achieve total victory.

These words describe Seiya Ryuuguuin a little too perfectly. After being summoned by the goddess Ristarte to save the world of Gaeabrande from destruction, the hero prepares himself for his noble journey. While this might be normal, he spends a very long time training himself, despite having overpowered stats. He fights weak enemies using his strongest skills and buys excessive amounts of supplies and potions-all to stay safe.

While his attitude may be a bit annoying, it might just be the saving grace of Gaeabrande, especially considering that it is a world where the forces of evil dominate each and every expectation.

Dr. Stone: Season 1 Part 1 & 2

Dr. Stone

Part 1 out October 19th
Part 2 out December 7th
Part 1 On DVD, Blu-ray & Digital, HMV Exclusive
Part 2 On DVD, Blu-ray & Digital, HMV Exclusive, Limited Edition
Directed by Shinya Iino
RRP £24.99, £39,99 £39.99
RRP £24.99, £39,99 £39.99, £64.99

After five years of harboring unspoken feelings, high-schooler Taiju Ooki is finally ready to confess his love to Yuzuriha Ogawa. Just when Taiju begins his confession however, a blinding green light strikes the Earth and petrifies mankind around the world-turning every single human into stone.

Several millennia later, Taiju awakens to find the modern world completely nonexistent, as nature has flourished in the years humanity stood still. Among a stone world of statues, Taiju encounters one other living human: his science-loving friend Senkuu, who has been active for a few months. Taiju learns that Senkuu has developed a grand scheme-to launch the complete revival of civilization with science. Taiju's brawn and Senkuu's brains combine to forge a formidable partnership, and they soon uncover a method to revive those petrified.

However, Senkuu's master plan is threatened when his ideologies are challenged by those who awaken. All the while, the reason for mankind's petrification remains unknown.

Golden Kamuy Season 1 & 2

Golden Kamuy

Season 1 Out October 12th
Season 2 Out November 30th
On DVD, Blu-ray & Digital
Directed by Hitoshi Nanba
RRP £24.99, £39.99
RRP £24.99, £39.99

Season 1
When war veteran Sugimoto stumbles across part of a treasure map, things get deadly. The map is divided among several escaped convicts, and this battle-hardened soldier isn't the only one who knows it.

Season 2
Sugimoto, Asirpa, and Shiraishi gain some surprising allies on their way to Abashiri Prison. There's just one problem. A traitor is in their midst! With enemies attacking from every direction, all roads lead to the man behind an Ainu massacre, and only Asirpa will know if he's her father.

Kemono Michi: Rise up - Complete Series

Kemono Michi: Rise up

Out November 9th
On DVD, Blu-ray & Digital
Directed by Kazuya Miura
RRP £24.99, £39.99

Professional wrestler and animal lover Shibata Genzo is suddenly summoned to another world. Greeted by a princess, she requests to get rid of the evil beasts roaming in this world. Outraged that he was asked to kill monsters, Genzo German suplexes the princess. Unable to get back to Earth, he decides to live a peaceful life and manage a "monster" pet shop.

The Quintessential Quintuplets - Season 1

The Quintessential Quintuplets

Out October 12th
On DVD, Blu-ray & Digital
Directed by Satoshi Kuwahara
RRP £24.99, £29.99

Desperate to pay off his family's debt, Futaro Uesugi quintuples his troubles when he accepts a new job-tutoring a set of quintuplets! If he can't get Itsuki, Miku, Ichika, Nino, and Yotsuba to hit the books, he can kiss his paycheck goodbye.

Source: Manga Entertainment UK
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