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Anime Network at Top of Podcast Charts

Date: 2006 January 30 10:36

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Anime Network show "Digital Dojo" cracks the Top 20 on the podcast charts in North America.

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ADV Films announced on their website that the television program "DVD Dojo", featured on the Anime Network, cracked the Top 20 on the Apple iTunes Music Store’s U.S. Top Subscribed Podcast list. The original series, which gives fans the rundown on the latest upcoming titles from ADV Films along with convention information and other anime-related items, is also a hit overseas, having cracked the Top 50 rankings in such countries as Denmark, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain, just to name a few.

"We couldn’t be more pleased with our success with iTunes," said Anime Network President and ADV Films co-founder and CEO John Ledford. "We know that anime fans are a tech-savvy bunch, and ‘DVD Dojo’ is extremely popular with Anime Network viewers. But we were all surprised by just how quickly the podcast version took off.

"The success of Anime Network online just goes to show how strong demand continues fo anime content," Ledford added. "Consumers – particularly the 18-34 year old demo – are hungry for what we have to offer, whether it’s at the video store, on cable, satellite or over the Internet."

Podcasting – a term derived from a blending of "broadcasting" and "iPod" (the popular digital music player from Apple Computers) – has quickly become popular with anime fans, so it’s no surprise as to the success of "Digital Dojo" on this format. ADV also has another podcast available: "ADV Films Anime Trailers", which is also available through the iTunes Music Store. Consumers can download and view free extended trailers from ADV, while subscribers can receive automatic downloads as new content is made available.

Source: ADV Films
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