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'Death Note' Art Books Galore

Date: 2006 January 25 07:40

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According to Manga News has posted information about the Death Note art book Blanc et Noir and DEATH BOX, Blank et Noir will be sold for 4935 yen, while DEATH BOX will sell for 18900 yen.

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The Art Books will come with the following items:
- Light, L, and Misa's dorama figures
- Shinigami skull objet d'art
- Shinigami Eyeball Pendant
- Colored original art replica (6 total)
- Monochrome original art replica (6 in total)
- Obata Takeshi Art Book "Blanc et Noir" in a special case
- Original design sticker

Also there is news about the Death note Live-Action feature film series in Japan. This was reported on Weekly Shonen Jump no. 8 stating that the first installment will be released in June with the second installment following in October. It was announced that Fujiwara Tatsuya will play the main role, other cast members have yet to be announced.

Source: Manga News
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