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ADV Announces Valkyrie From Space

Date: 2006 January 16 10:07

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ADV Films announces release date information on sci-fi comedy UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie.

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ADV Films announced on their website the release date for their latest series, the sci-fi romantic action-comedy UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie. The first DVD volume, titled "Bedlam, Bathhouse and Beyond", will be due out March 7, 2006.

In the 12-episode series, created by Kaishaku (Steel Angel Kurumi) with character designs by Maki Fujii (Strawberry Eggs), Princess Valkyrie of the planet Valhalla is forced to crash land on Earth, right into teenager Kazuto Tokino. To save his life, Valkyrie gives him half her soul, with the side effect of transforming her into a mischievous eight-year-old version of herself. As for poor Kazuto, he’s having a hard enough time running his late grandfather’s bathhouse (against his parents’ wishes at that), but now he has to deal with all sorts of alien invaders out to get his new houseguest. Even worse, the only way for Valkyrie to transform back to her adult self to help in the fight is by kissing Kazuto!

UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie has been described as a fast-paced thrill ride that should appeal to fans of "Maburaho", another ADV release. Though the concept sounds similar to most romantic comedies (Urusei Yatsura being the most prominent to mind, while the setting is on par with Love Hina) the unique situation between Kazuto and Valkyrie may appeal to anime fans. The first volume contains the first four episodes of the series, with bonus features including Valkyrie World Notes, messages from the original Japanese voice cast, a music video segment, the on-air opening for episode 3 and the original Japanese TV commercials, plus clean opening and closing animations and previews for upcoming releases from ADV Films.

Source: ADV Films
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