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UK Rising Stars Announced

Date: 2006 January 06 04:18

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The winners of The Rising Stars of Manga UK have been announced. The Grand prize was taken by Paul Duffield with the manga Falling Star the second prize was one by Sonia Leong with the manga Fatal Connection.

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Paul Duffield of Winchester, England
Manga Title: Falling Star

Sonia Leong of Cambridge, England
Manga Title: Fatal Connection

Patrick Warren of London, England
Manga Title: Dojo Dynasty

Jin Sun Oh of Nottingham, England
Manga Title: Legend of the Future

Sinead Lynch of Enniscorthy, County Wexford, Ireland and L. Hamilton of Duleek, County Meath, Ireland
Manga Title: Rose By Any Other Name

Emma Vieceli of Cambridge, England
Manga Title: Between the Lines

Roxanne Chen of West Yorkshire, England
Manga Title: Prince of Cats

Vee Chayakul of Leicester, England
Manga Title: Modern Day Catastrophists

Source: Tokyopop UK
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