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NewType USA to Serialize Seven Seas Manga

Date: 2005 December 28 12:25

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NewType USA to serialize Seven Seas Entertainment's Aoi House starting with January 2006 issue.

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Seven Seas Entertainment, a comic book and manga company that produces both original material and distributes licensed Japanese titles in North America, announced that they have entered into a publishing deal with Newtype USA. Starting with the magazine’s January, 2006 issue, Newtype USA will begin serializing Seven Seas' popular web manga Aoi House. It will be the first American-produced manga to be featured in the pages of the magazine.

"It’s an honor to be working with the number one anime and manga-related magazine in North America," said Seven Seas president Jason DeAngelis. "‘Newtype USA’s’ the perfect vehicle to introduce ‘Aoi House’ to the very audience that it’s meant for: otaku."

"When we first saw the work coming out of Seven Seas we were immediately impressed with their dedication to creating original manga that stays true to what we all love about the medium," said Newtype USA Senior Editor Chris Johnston. "We’re extremely pleased to be partnering with the talented creators of ‘Aoi House’ to deliver these special four-panel episode to our readers."

Aoi House is the creation of writer Adam Arnold, co-creator of Animefringe: Online Anime Magazine, with art by fan favorite Shiei (Amazing Agent Luna). A teen comedy in the spirit of Love Hina, The Real World and Comic Party, the manga chronicles the adventures of two straight guys forced to move into a college anime clubhouse whose residents are crazed yaoi fan girls. The popularity of the comic has grown exponentially since its launch in January, 2004 on Seven Seas’ website,, and is the first-ever web manga to feature its own theme song, created by platinum-selling Filipino pop band J Brothers.

When Aoi House debuts in Newtype USA in January, the four-panel strip will be presented in traditional Japanese vertical 4-koma format on the final page of the magazine, and will be presented in color. In May, 2006, the comic will be collected and published in graphic novel format.

Source: Anime News Network
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