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Slam Dunk Caught in Plagiarism Scandal

Date: 2005 December 23 09:58

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Bad News for Manga-ka Takehiko Inoue the creator of Slam Dunk as reported in Anime News Network that he is claimed to have plagiarised other sources.

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The same thing occurred to Yuki Suetsugu creator of the Manga Flower of Eden who earlier this year was accused of plagiarised art from Slam Dunk and REAL.
As a result Kodansha ceased distribution and publication of Flower of Eden.

Now several websites and the January issue of Cyzo magazine have begun reporting that it appears that Takehiko Inoue has copied NBA photographs for use in Slam Dunk.

Here is a website with a side by side comparison of Inoue's art with actual NBA photographs.

Apparently a couple of years ago Inoue was asked in an interview from where he got the idea for his drawings and he answered that they were created from his own basketball experience and from memory of NBA pictures he had seen magazines and on TV. Untill now neither Inoue nor publisher Shueisha have commented on the allegations.

Source: Anime News Network
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