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New Digimon Virtual Pets

Date: 2005 November 18 08:07

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According to Anime News Service Bandai are planning a major revival of their Digimon brand in Japan for 2006. The first wave of this will come in the form of its new "Digimon Mini" virtual pet toys due on the market on November 23rd.

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These virtual pets were first produced in 1997 and more then 24 million units of its LCD portable game were sold. The new version measures 30x40x17mm and 22g in weight, making them the smallest and lightest in the history of the franchise.

This product is targeted towards High school students and University students who might have played the original game whilst still in Junior High School. The price will be 1260 Yen a piece and it will come in two colours: Red and Gray.

Bandai expects to move 1 million units by March, 2006. Digimon was originally conceived as "Tamagotchi that fights" following the company's first mid 90's success in the digital pet market.

Source: Anime news service
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