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Evangelion, Gunpla and other Anime and Manga T-Shirts at Uniqlo

Date: 2020 April 21 19:38

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Fans of anime franchise based t-shirts will want to head over to the Uniqlo website to grab the latest Evangelion and Gunpla 40th Anniversary designs.

The Japanese clothes company always has some great t-shirts in their UT Graphic Print range. They intend to release some designs that appeal to all kinds of manga and anime fans including their Manga UT line, which includes Osomatsu-kun, GeGeGe no Kitaro and The Genius Bakabo.

They'll also have Manga UT Ribon 65th Anniversary which includes Chibi Maruko Chan, Tokimeki Tonight, Tenshi Nanka Ja Nai, Gokinjo Monogatari and Marmalade Boy.

If you like something from Young Jump then Uniqlo have you covered with Manga UT Weekly Young Jump 40TH Anniversary. They'll have tees from Golden Kamuy, Tokyo Ghoul and Kingdom.

While if you want something more tokusatsu to wear then you'll be excited about the upcoming Ultraman t-shirt range.

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Uniqlo Evangelion T-Shirt

If you like Evangelion then Uniqlo have you covered.

Uniqlo Evangelion T-Shirt

We're not so sure we'd want to walk around wearing a t-shirt saying Beast Form 2nd Phase, but we're not exactly going outside much right now.

Uniqlo Evangelion T-Shirt

Now the Unit-01 Berserk Lost All Control Design is more of a classic Evangelion design.

Uniqlo Evangelion T-Shirt

If you want something more subtle, but still want display your love of everything Evangelion then we recommend t-shirt featuring an understated Sachiel face/skull.

Gunpla 40th Anniversary UT Graphic T-Shirt

If you want to tell the world you love plastic Gundam kits then this t-shirt does the job nicely.

Gunpla 40th Anniversary UT Graphic T-Shirt

Meanwhile this design is great if you just love giant robots (who doesn't?!).

Uniqlo T-Shirt Golden Kamuy

They're having fun with the Golden Kamuy designs too. The Manga UT Weekly Young Jump 40TH Anniversary range is due out before the end of April.

Uniqlo T-Shirt Kitaro

We're big fans of Kitaro (you can read our manga review here). Uniqlo don't disappoint with the upcoming designs due in May.

Uniqlo Ultraman T-Shirt

With these Ultraman designs we feel like Uniqlo are just spoiling us. They should be released on 4th May 2020.

Source: Uniqlo
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