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Latest Genki Gear Designs for the End of 2019

Date: 2019 December 01 20:22

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The good folks from geeky t-shirt company Genki Gear have just sent us details of their newest range of t-shirts. It includes a mix of D&D and horror inspired designs. We're a fan of the Kaijiu Coffee t-shirt! They've also sent us a 10% discount code that's valid until the end of 2019. It's Genkitime10%.

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Genki Gear - Pretty Face

Press release as follows:

Genki Gear - D&D

Quirky and even more D&D inspired designs launched by Genki Gear!

Genki Gear - Chaotic Biscuit

If you love DND or in fact any roleplaying games and have a sense of fun you will love the selection of DnD t-shirts just released by Genki Gear. In addition there is a definitely Creepy Cute Element showing in both our new design "Your face is so pretty" and the reinvented "Bloodbath Panda" design. Then enjoy giant monsters heating or cooling coffee it is up to you to decide. All are done in some amazing colours for Unisex and Ladies and a few kids t-shirts and hoodies as well.

Genki Gear - Bloodbath Panda

Check out these and many more at the website at

Genki Gear - Kaiju Coffee

Source: Genki Gear
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