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Directors Shinichiro Watanabe and Motonobu Hori to Attend MCM Comic Con London as Anime Guests of Honour

Date: 2019 October 11 19:57

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It's October. Which means it's almost time for MCM Comic Con London. The massive geek event is set to to run from Friday 25th to Sunday 27th October 2019 at the ExCel Centre in London.

They've just announced two very special anime guests of honour. First up we have Shinichiro Watanabe, best known for the major anime series Cowboy Bebop, but he's also done some other great shows including Terror in Resonance, Samurai Champloo, along with Kids on the Slope. You can also see his latest show Carole & Tuesday on Netflix. Shinichiro Watanabe is credited as the supervising director / chief director of the show.,

Guest number two is Motonobu Hori who is the director of Carole & Tuesday. The show marks his directorial debut, while he's worked on n key animation, animation direction and storyboards for a wealth of anime, including Napping Princess, Berserk: The Golden Age Arc, and episodes of Psycho-Pass in the past.

Both guests will be hosting an Anime Guest of Honour panel at the Centre Stage on Saturday, 26th October from 11:15AM, and will also be attending free signing sessions on both Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th October from 14:30-15:30.

As always we're very excited about this as it's a great chance to see some top talent from the anime industry. We look forward to find out what insights from anime production they'll reveal at this panel.

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Press release as follows:

Motonobu Hori and Shinichiro Watanabe

Anime Guest of Honour 2019 announced!

MCM London Comic Con is delighted to announce its Anime Guests of Honour for October 2019, bringing two of the major talents behind the current Netflix hit anime Carole & Tuesday to the capital!

The first of our two guests is the renowned Shinichiro Watanabe, director of the timeless classic Cowboy Bebop (which currently has a live-action Netflix series in development). Born in Kyoto, Japan in 1965, Mr. Watanabe was formerly an employee at Sunrise, where he supervised the episode direction and storyboards of many anime produced at the studio. He made his directorial debut as co-director of Macross Plus.

Mr. Watanabe's other directorial credits include Samurai Champloo, Space Dandy and Terror in Resonance, before also recently directing an animated short set in the Blade Runner universe, Blade Runner: Black Out 2022. Mr. Watanabe is also the chief director of currently streaming Netflix series Carole & Tuesday.

Also joining us at the event is Motonobu Hori , who serves as the director of Studio BONES' Carole & Tuesday, where he makes his full directorial debut. His previous roles include working on key animation, animation direction and storyboards for a wealth of anime, including Napping Princess, Berserk: The Golden Age Arc, and episodes of Psycho-Pass.

Both guests will be hosting an Anime Guest of Honour panel at the Centre Stage on Saturday, 26th October from 11:15AM, and will also be attending free signing sessions on both Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th October from 14:30-15:30. Stay tuned for information regarding the location of the signing!


Here's what you can expect to see at the capital's biggest celebration of pop culture!

MCM Comic Con, the UK's largest organiser of pop culture events returns to London between 25th-27th October 2019. The three-day spectacular will see thousands of sci-fi fans, gamers, comic collectors, movie buffs and anime enthusiasts visit the ExCel London to immerse themselves in a world of fun and fantasy. The show welcomes all ages and there's something for everyone to enjoy.

This October's event is headlined by Spaced, Star Trek and Shaun of The Dead actor Simon Pegg. The much-loved British actor, comedian, screenwriter and producer will be attending Saturday and Sunday of the show, taking to MCM's Main Stage for a panel at 13:15 on Sunday 27 October.

Other highlights include MinaLima, the creative team that helped bring the wizarding world of Harry Potter to life; stars of the 2017 IT remake and 2019 sequel; voice actors Troy Baker (Uncharted, The Last of Us, Marvel's Avengers), Nolan North (Uncharted, Marvel's Avengers, Pretty Little Liars) and Tara Strong (Fairly Odd Parents, Powerpuff Girls, Rugrats); Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers' Green Ranger Jason David Frank and the last ever MCM Comic Con London appearance by comic creator legend, George Pérez, who's retiring from events after London.

This year's stars from the world of movies, games and television will be taking part in various panels, Q&As and meet and greets across all three days.

Coming in costume is the norm at the show, with amazing outfits roaming the floors of the hall, and the stage, as part of the Cosplay Masquerades. The Cosplay Central area also includes tutorials and Q&As to help visitors learn expert tips and advice.

Comic Village is also back, and packed full of graphic novels and comics to explore, along with a chance to meet some of the talent behind the work. Special guests include Jim Shooter, Gary Frank, Mark Buckingham, Kit Buss and Glenn Fabry.

Also this year, MCM Comic Con introduces a series of new workshops, designed to help create, learn and inspire! From starting your own comic book; diving into game development; creating the perfect on screen superhero, world building in your first fantasy novel, to perfecting that cosplay prop - MCM is now offering fans the chance to be inspired with these hands-on workshops. Booking is essential and will be available on the website.

For parents and younger guests, The Treehouse is a place where families can relax and recharge, with free face painting, a reading corner, and toys to play with. There's enough to entertain even the smallest superheroes.

Listings information:

Event: MCM London Comic Con

Dates: 25th-27th October 2019

Venue: ExCel London

Tickets: From £11.00. Two children under 10 free with each adult ticket.

MCM Website here!

About MCM Comic Con

MCM Comic Con is the leading pop culture event organiser in the UK, within ReedPOP, dedicated to producing experiential fan events and bringing together a broad and creative scope of popular culture. The MCM portfolio includes MCM London Comic Con, MCM Birmingham Comic Con, MCM Manchester Comic Con and MCM Scotland Comic Con. The team at MCM are a diverse squad of event professionals with specialist superpowers, uniting to deliver innovative pop culture experiences. Ultimately, they are fellow fans devoted to celebrating fans and the world of pop culture.

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Source: MCM Comic Con London
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