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The Benza - A Comedy about a Quest for a Toilet Seat

Date: 2019 August 15 18:52

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Not all quests are epic. Which is why we've been sent details about Chris and Kyle, two Americans who share an apartment in Tokyo. One day their toilet seat broke, which leads onto their adventures to find a suitable replacement. The trouble starts when they realise they don't know the Japanese word for toilet seat! Want to know more? Then you can find out by watching The Benza a 6 series comedy on Amazon Prime currently streaming in the US, UK, Germany and Japan.

Made on a budget of 2,000,000 yen (about 18,840 USD) the show explores what it's like to go hunting for a toilet seat in Japan.

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Press release as follows:

The Benza

Award Winning Japanese Comedy Series "The Benza" Now Streaming on Amazon Prime!

The Benza

The six episode comedy series is currently available in 8 countries!

The hit 2018 Japanese comedy short film "The Benza" is now a six-episode comedy series available for streaming on Amazon Prime via Prime Video Direct in the US, UK, Germany, Austria, and Japan!

The Benza

Made by the Tokyo based independent production team Tokyo Cowboys, the first season was completed on a shoestring budget of 2,000,000 yen and is full of laughs. The series itself has already gathered over 100,000 views and is continuing to grow in popularity due to the support of the fan base.

The Benza

The first series has already won several award such as Best Comedy, Best Music, and Best Television Series at various competitions around the world. It is currently nominated for 6 awards at Seoul Webfest (a major on demand television competition) including Best Actor for Christopher McCombs, Best Director for Raito Nishizaka, and Best Actress for Haku Inko.

The Benza

"The Benza" is a just-for-laugh romp through modern Tokyo as two foreigners attempt to repair their broken toilet seat and wind up in the middle of an adventure to save the world. Producer and writer Christopher McCombs wanted to create a comedy that foreigners and Japanese could laugh at together and not feel like one or the other was being laughed at.

As a team, it is Tokyo Cowboys hope that "The Benza" can be a television show you can put on when you are feeling down and forget about your problems for a while. We hope you will join us on this hyper realistic adventure.

【General Information】

Title: The Benza Series1

Release : Japan, US, UK: April, 2019
Germany July, 2019

Producer: Christopher McCombs, Kristi Woodward

Line Producer: Haku Inko

Director: Raito Nishizaka

Story:Christopher McCombs

Music:Takahiro Nomiya

Cast: Christopher McCombs, Kyle Card, Haku Inko, Michiko Noguchi, Janni Olsson, Masahito Kawahata, Lee Min Kuk, Alexander Hunter, Hannah Grace

Episodes: 6(Each episode is between 18 to 26 minutes)

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Cast Interview:


Chris and Kyle are two Americans who share an apartment in Tokyo. They lived in peace and happiness until the day their toilet seat broke. What happened to their toilet seat? How does one say 'toilet seat' in Japanese? Where do you buy a toilet seat in Japan? Join Chris and Kyle as they explore Higashi Nakano with the mysterious treasure hunter Alena, the recently deceased Tamura, the unpredictable prophet Za, and the villainous Inko Sensei.

Directed by Raito NIshizaka.

The Music

"The Benza" Series 1 features 7 original songs that are all performed by the cast and written by Takahiro Nomiya and Christopher McCombs. The music is currently available for purchase via Amazon Prime, Itunes, and many other music services.

【Production Information】
Company Name:Tokyo Cowboys

Profile:Christopher McCombs created Tokyo Cowboys in 2014 with the hopes of creating more opportunities for foreign actors and actresses to have a chance to work with Japanese actors and actresses. The team has made several short films and web/on demand series.

Award History:
In 2018, "The Benza" as a short film won 8 awards including Rising Star Award for Christopher McCombs at Seoul Webfest 2018, Best Comedy Award at World Network Int. Film Festival 2018、 MedFF 2018、Unko Film Festival 2018、and Asia South East-Short Film Festival 2018.

At a television series, in 2019 "The Benza has been nominated for numerous awards and has won for "Best Song" for Episode 5's featured song "Running Around," Best Cast, and Best Series Award at Festigious Film Festival.

【Cast and Staff Comments】

Director Raito Nishizaka

In creating "The Benza," it was always my hope that we could put the smile on the face of someone who was having a bad day. With over 100,000 views I'm certain at least a few people have laughed with us.

Entertainment has taken a bit of a turn for the dark lately, and we hope that we can lighten things up a bit!

Producer, Script, Main Cast-Christopher McCombs

"The Benza" has been in the works for over a year and I am so happy we can finally sit back and enjoy it with everyone. It's so important to take a step back and laugh so that we can get back to the important things in life. "The Benza" is the perfect way to take a break, smile, and refresh. We are always here to make you laugh, no matter what is happening in the world. I think for people living in Japan, "The Benza" will have one meaning, but for people who have never been I hope it inspires them to come and have their own crazy toilet seat adventure too!

Line Producer, Main Cast- Haku Inko

This was my first time producing and being in the main cast. What a crazy first time it was!

We set out to make an outrageous comedy and I think we did, but it's not finished until we hear your laughter. It's such a lovely idea that people all over the world might be laughing together about "The Benza."

"The Benza" is perfect for binge watching or taking it one step at a time. Enjoy it however you want!

Main Cast- Kyle Card

I'm so happy that people from all over the world get to join us on this bizarre adventure to buy a new toilet seat.

With "The Benza," all we want is for you to laugh and have a good time. I hope you'll enjoy it!

Source: Tokyo Cowboys
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