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Manga UK's MCM London Fundraiser

Date: 2019 May 08 20:18

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The good folks from Manga Entertainment UK are getting ready for the May run on MCM Comic Con London. So to get things moving they've set up a fundraiser for the event. This time around they'll be supporting Mermaids the charity that supports gender variant and transgender children, young people and their families.

If you'd like to help you can buy a raffle ticket for a chance to win a nice selection of Dragon Ball Super / Dragon Ball Z goodies.

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Press release as follows:

Dragon Ball Z Prizes

Manga's MCM Charity Raffle In aid of Mermaids

MCM London Comic Con is just around the corner, and to mark the occasion we at Manga Entertainment are honoured to announce the opening of one of our biggest charity fundraisers to date!

For MCM May 2019, we will be holding an online raffle in aid of the amazing Mermaids, an organisation that provides much-needed family and individual support for gender diverse and transgender children and young people around the UK.

All entrants need to do is donate to the charity via our dedicated JustGiving page - in turn, they'll be entered into our virtual raffle for a chance to win one of three amazing prize bundles. And as an extra bonus, and to celebrate the release of Dragon Ball Super: Broly, each bundle is chock-full of Dragon Ball merchandise - including DVDs, Blu-ray, t-shirts, figures, toys and more! Prizes have been kindly donated by the wonderful people at

Bioworld International, Animegami, Bandai UK and Dreamtex.

Tickets are £2, and the prize draw will take place at 3pm on the 26th May - the final day of MCM! All donations go to Mermaids via JustGiving.

Visit the raffle page

Visit the Mermaids site

From the Mermaids site:

Mermaids is passionate about supporting children, young people, and their families to achieve a happier life in the face of great adversity. We work to raise awareness about gender nonconformity in children and young people amongst professionals and the general public. We campaign for the recognition of gender dysphoria in young people and lobby for improvements in professional services.

Registered Charity No. 1160575

Source: Manga Entertainment UK
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