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Maid Hair Salon in Akihabara

Date: 2005 September 15 06:49

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Those Japanese folks keep surprising us with the opening of a new business venture that keeps expanding the Otaku Empire. In fact they are not satisfied with the usual Maid Café business and so they welcomed a new Maid Hair Salon in their community.

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The ‘Maid’ Character is an all time favourite in the Otaku City that they came up with the term ‘moe’ which is synonymous with the Maid figure.

Capitalizing on this ever popular figure, Akihabara developed the now thriving maid cafe business -- there's even guide books detailing on these maid-elicious locations. It seems however, that the time has come for these maids to take it a step further. Maid cafes have now evolved into maid hair salons, and it's all the rage in the otaku city.

In the innovative salon called ‘Maid Hair Salon Moe-Shan’, maids cut, shampoo and treat your hair, topping it all off with a relaxing massage. Special packages include the "Refreshing Shampoo Course" which includes a shampoo, massage and blow drying all for 2,000 Yen and the "Refreshing Cut Course" which in addition to the previous services allows the customer to get an actual haircut. The package goes for 5,000 Yen. Other options include scalp massages and Polaroid sessions.

For more info here is their official website

Source: Akadot
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