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New Ameri-Manga From Tokyopop

Date: 2005 September 14 12:26

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Tokyopop announces November release of manga series from Rising Stars of Manga entrants.

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Tokyopop had announced the November release of a new manga series entitled Mark of the Succubus. What makes this three-volume series different from other titles in Tokyopop's line-up is that the creators are Americans who came to the publisher's attention in their third Rising Stars of Manga competition. This will be their first full-length story as professional manga-ka.

Created by writer Ashly Raiti and artist Irene Flores, Mark of the Succubus is a Gothic, supernatural tale of Maeve, a young succubus (a demon that feeds on the sexual energy of human males) in training. She is sent to the human world to learn how to interact with her soon-to-be victims, but problems arise when she starts to fall in love with her target. Worse, Maeve finds herself entangled in a massive conspiracy within the Demon World.

"The visual style that Irene created for the book is tremendous," says Tokyopop series editor Lillian Diaz-Przybyl. "Succubus has great character designs and a fantastic use of lighting, with many of the tones done in an almost pop-art style. Complimented by Ash's witty and complex writing, this is a book that I'm very, very excited about."

Mark of the Succubus was first previewed in the August issue of the top teen publication, ELLEgirl. Fans can also preview a chapter of the story for free beginning in November at the website for Takuhai, Tokyopop's free magazine that's packed with manga previews, behind-the-scenes with the creators, exclusive interviews and much, much more. A preview of Succubus will also appear in the Fall Edition of the print version of Takuhai.

Source: Tokyopop
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