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Sake Ice-Cream a Hit in Japan

Date: 2005 September 09 12:52

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During the hot days of summer everyone enjoys a refreshing Ice-cream, in Japan they were lucky enough to have a new taste: Sake Ice-cream.
According to Mainichi Daily News the in the town of Tono, Iwate a soft-serve ice-cream containing unrefined sake has been proved a hit for an exchange agricultural center in town.

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Takamuro Suikoen, an agricultural exchange center operated by Tono-based Corporation: Tono Furusato Kosha, produced the Sake Ice-cream which was served on Thursday at a meeting of producers of unrefined sake in Iwate Prefecture. Reportedly the producers loved the non-usual ice-cream.

Officials at the agricultural association obtained a designated structural reform district license to brew sake and tried putting a small amount in its soft-serve ice creams. The ice creams contain less than 1 percent alcohol, but the sweet flavour of the sake is reportedly strong enough to fill the mouth.

Reportedly sales reached 100 cones a day during the Obono holiday season and apparently the ice-creams earned a good reputation among those who returned to their hometowns. The price of a 200cc serving cone is of 260 Yen.

Yoshiyuki Kikuchi, the manager of Takamuro Suikoen, said the sweetness of the ice cream had been kept to a minimum.

"After eating it, it doesn't make you want to have a drink of water," he said.

Source: Mainichi Daily News
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