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Cowboy Bebop Makes Record Sales

Date: 2005 September 03 21:33

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Cowboy Bebop sells over one million copies in the U.S.

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Bandai Entertainment, one of the biggest producers/distributors of anime, announced that home video sales for one of their biggest titles, Cowboy Bebop, has sold over one million units in America since its original release. This marks a significant record for anime sales in the United States.

Directed by Shinichiro Watanabe, Cowboy Bebop has been a fan favorite since its original debut, becoming an instant classic among fans both in Japan and in America with its edgy and action-packed story, unique characters and jazzy soundtrack by legendary composer Yoko Kanno. The show garnered even more fans when it appeared on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim programming block, and still continues to score top ratings for the network while in reruns.

Sales for Cowboy Bebop will no doubt increase further with the release of the new special edition DVD titled Cowboy Bebop REMIX. The first volume, due out on September 13, will feature an entirely remixed (no pun intended) Dolby Digital Surround soundtrack for both the English and Japanese language tracks. In addition, the REMIX edition will contain a wealth of bonus features, including interviews, commentary tracks and promotional and trailer collections.

Source: Bandai Entertainment
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