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VIZ Announces Zatch Bell Clothing Line

Date: 2005 August 17 21:55

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VIZ announces a clothing line based on hit anime Zatch Bell with Exquisite Apparel Corp.

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Want more anime-themed clothing? VIZ Media, LLC, through Anime News Network, has announced that they’ve made a licensing deal with Exquisite Apparel Corp to produce clothing based on the anime series Zatch Bell to be released in the United States and Canada.

The story of a young genius teaming up with a hyperactive demon boy to battle other human-demon teams to determine the next ruler of the demon world, Zatch Bell has become a recent hit in the U.S. after appearing on Cartoon Network’s Saturday night Toonami block. With its heavy action and Dragonball style antics, the series is currently the top-rated boys show on the cable channel.

A variety of Zatch Bell themed products are set to be released by Exquisite Apparel, an industry leader in licensed and private label men’s and boys apparel and one of the top manufacturers of licensed T-shirts in the U.S. These products include boys hanging and packaged boxers, briefs, loungewear, sets and sleepwear. There are also several categories pertaining to the license; Apparel/Sleepwear and Underwear were recently granted, while Accessories, Home Furnishing, Gift/Collectibles and Back-to-School are available now. Any future products relating to these categories have yet to be announced.

Source: Anime News Network
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