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Range Murata talks about the US Release of Robots Vol 1

Date: 2005 August 05 07:16

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Everyone has heard about the genius designer of Art & Fashion Range Murata who left a mark on the design world of today. His portfolio of works include: media, anime character design, art books to fashion and industrial design.

Here is a summary of the Akadot Interview to Range Murata where he talks about the US release of his upcoming comic / art book Robots Vol 1 where he plans to conquer the manga world as well.

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With his latest project, Robot, Murata has called upon some of the hottest artists in Japan to create a compilation of works the likes of which have not been seen in either the U.S. or Japan for many years, if at all. Recently, at the behest of Digital Manga, Murata came to the U.S. to attend Anime Expo in Anaheim. Aka Dot had the chance to sit down with Murata to discuss his latest work.

Murata explains from where he got the concept for Robot and he responded that he wanted to create an artbook/comic that included colour, something you don’t normally see in America or Europe. He also added that a friend of his which works as a graphic designer in Japan helped him with creating his project.

When asked about the artists that participated in his project, Murata explained that most of them where friends or artists he really wanted to work with and sometimes he forced them to submit stuff against their will.

Murata said he was surprised Robot became so popular and that at first he was half positive and half nervous about how the public would react to his project. He added that he wanted to provide the public with certain art that only a certain type of person is looking for and he felt that he should include everything that he likes to be better accepted.

When asked about the US release Murata said he was approached by Digital Manga to publish the books domestically. He added that he never published in the U.S before and that he would take it as a challenge and a chance to see how far his project would go.

Source: Akadot
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