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Anime News Network readers unhappy with Newtype DVD change

Date: 2004 August 24 17:57

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The Anime News Network have just published an article regarding a recent reader poll. The poll asked readers for their opinion on Newtype USA's decision to remove the free DVD from non subscription issues of the magazine.

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The exact question asked was "How do you feel now that Newtype no longer includes a copy of the DVD in the newstand copies?"

45% of people who took the poll voted for "I used to buy at the newsstands, but intend to stop." This accounts for 537 votes.

This issue was raised at the AmeCon ADV Panel on Sunday. The UK and US ADV representatives explained that the DVD was a free extra so was not always part of the cover price. They also researched if people were willing to pay more for a cover DVD or if they would rather the price kept the same and the DVD removed. ADV decided to keep the DVD for subscribers.

ADV also mentioned having trouble with the DVDs, staff at certain stores would often remove the DVD to keep or to pass on to friends, making that copy of the magazine unsellable. On the positive side they explained since the DVD has been removed it meant that Newtype USA could be sold in the UK to major retailers since a DVD would have to be approved by the BBFC first.

As always it's a case of voting with your wallets.

Source: Anime News Network
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