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Nana Becomes Live-Action

Date: 2005 July 13 14:14

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According to Mainichi Daily News, the top-selling Manga in Japan Nana has been made into a film. "Nana" which sold over 23 million copies of its twelve volumes is very popular among girls in Japan.

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The two protagonists of the movie are Mika Nakashima and Aoi Miyazaki, who will portray two girls with the same name in common, that is "Nana" with two opposite personalities. The Manga also portrays Friendship and Romance which unfold around the two main characters.

"I've never played the role of such a happy-go-lucky girl like Nana. I tried to make myself look totally different, like having my hair and eyebrows dyed brown, which I had never done before," grinned Miyazaki, who is popular for her innocent image.

"I had fun with the scene in which my 'Nana' was singing because the style of her singing was totally different from mine." Confessed Nakashima, who also revealed that she is a fan of the original comic.

When they were asked about the part in the movie were Nakashima kissed Miyazaki to cheer her up, they answered "We were fine about it".

Source: Mainichi Daily News
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