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Noodle Shop Owner Kidnapped and Beaten For Making the Tastiest Noodles

Date: 2005 July 12 13:36

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According to Mainichi Daily News a 57 year old Management Consultant was arrested after kidnapping and beating the owner of a Noodle Shop beacause he was offering Japan's tastiest noodles.

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Police said Yoshio Kawashima the former consultant from Tokyo's Ota-ku, was arrested for illegal confinement. "I taught him all about how to make a good soup and running a business, but he never greeted or thanked me, so I thought I'd make him taste a bit of pain," Kawashima said to the police after being arrested.

According to the police Kawashima was helped by an un-named 48 year old male employee that has been placed on a nationwide wanted list.

The Victim was Yoshinori Haga, 48, the owner of Aoba, a ramen shop near JR Nakano Station that some TV programs and magazines have rated the country's best.

Police said that on the night of May 4 Kawashima and his employee abducted Haga from outside his Nakano-ku home, bound his limbs and thrust a bag over his head.

"They shoved him into a car and drove him around, beating him at times and causing him injuries", police said.

Haga was released outside the front of his home after an ordeal of about six hours when he was driven around as far as Chiba Prefecture.

Source: Mainichi Daily News
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