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National Unified Otaku Proficiency Exam

Date: 2005 July 11 16:43

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Who is the biggest otaku? Is your friend Steve a bigger otaku than you? If so why? Well publisher Biblos are going to solve this question finally by holding the first Japanese national unified otaku proficient exam in their August 5th Edition of Elfix Magazine.

They claim they want to nurture an "otaku elite to carry the otaku culture through the 21st century".

The Mainichi Daily News explain that the magazine will even grade their otaku awareness level if readers write their answers down on a postcard and send it to the Elfix staff. The best results will be printed in the October 5th edition of the magazine.

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The questions are divided into two sections, comic conventions and home video games, with comic conventions covering clubs that take part, past crowd figures and rules for photographing cosplayers. Game otaku will enjoy the home video game section that covers consoles from the Nintendo Famicom to the Sony PSP.

More details of the test can be found on the Otaku Test site, (which is in Japanese).

Source: Mainichi Daily News
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