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J-Pop Go July!

Date: 2005 June 23 17:12

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The funky people over at J-Pop Go have just told that that their tickets are now available for their next event. It'll be on Wednesday 13th July at Fluid in London. This time around you can buy their magazine separately from the tickets, so even if you can't go you can read up about all the latest J-Pop events.

Our very own resident club bunny Voxie has written a report on the first J-Pop Go too. ^_^

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Press release as follows:

Tickets for the next J-Pop Go event are now available from the J-Pop Go website. The date is Wednesday 13th July and the venue once again is Fluid in London.

To make things simpler, we've also made the J-Pop Go tickets and magazine available separately. So you can choose to simply order a ticket for the event only or opt to buy a subscription to the magazine only - alternatively, you can do both!

Issue 2 of the magazine is in production and more details will be flagged up soon.

As ever, full details are up on the J-Pop Go Website here:

Source: J-Pop Go
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