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Akira Toriyama to Provide XBOX 360 Game Designs

Date: 2005 May 19 12:42

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According to Gamespot, Microsoft has announced in Japan that Akira Toriyama, known for the Dragonball Saga, will once again team up with the Chrono Trigger Team to provide character designs for the upcoming Xbox 360 role playing-game Blue Dragon.

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This is not Toriyama's first collaboration; in fact he has already worked before with Hironobu Sakaguchi and Nobuo Uematsu at Square on Chrono Trigger, and they will now be working together on Blue Dragon which will be developed by Artoon, also known for its Blinx Xbox game series.

As with Chrono Trigger, Toriyama will provide character designs. Toriyama also provided character designs for Dragon Quest

Source: Game Spot
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