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Nintendo Revolution New pictures

Date: 2005 May 17 12:00

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There’s been a flood of new console news in the run up to this years E3, which starts Wednesday. According to USA today the Revolution is about the size of three DVD cases piled up and is set to have online features, including a free player match up service. Especially exciting is the news players will have access to Nintendo’s back catalogue online, from Donkey Kong to Mario Sunshine. The Revolution will also be backwards compatible with Game cube and play DVDs.

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Both Sony and Microsoft are making far bigger claims. Microsoft say Xbox 360 will be 10 to 13 times more powerful than Xbox, while Sony say the PS3 will be 35 time more powerful than the PS2 industry commentators urge caution pointing out that both Microsoft and Sony tend to give far less realistic estimates of their machines power, and it is likely that Nintendo’s figures give a more realistic estimate of how it’s console will perform.

Source: USA Today
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