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Real-Life Gundam Robot Developed

Date: 2005 May 16 16:11

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In Maebashi an enviromental machinery maker announced that it has developed a robot with features like the one in the Gundam Mobile Suit Animation Series.

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It can be ridden and maneuvered and it consists of one seat. The Real-Life Gundam Robot is 3.4 meters high and weighs 1 tonne and can walk backward and forward or sideways at a 1.5 km per hour by operating 4 pedals.

It was developed by Maasaki Nagumo of Sakakibara Kikai Co. based in the village of Shinto in Gunma Prefecture. He developed the robot over two years ago all by himself and wanted the robot with features like Gundam. In fact the robot is able to shoot 2 sponge bullets from two airguns which are installed near the cockpit. The Otaku News Crew are currently looking to purchasing a few of these machines for world domination plans. ^_-

Source: Japan Today
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